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Thank you for visiting my web page. I have an eclectic mix of books, but they’re all tied together by a common theme – my Icelandic heritage. I started with children’s books, sharing the mythology and folklore of Iceland. Then came the cookbook, which was so much fun to create with my lively and vivacious Icelandic mama. I found my true passion and love in writing with my first novel, Her Viking Heart. I have several more women’s fiction novels underway so be sure to follow me for updates!

I did put my current novel on the back burner when I lost my mom in 2019. I had been helping her write a motivational book and she passed away before its completion. That book, Never Too Late, became a photo journal that chronicled her year of 93 new experiences when she was 93 years old. Completing that book inspired On With the Butter! which in Icelandic is Áfram með smjörið – an Icelandic expression that means to keep moving, keep going, or get the job done. That applies so well to life and perfectly sums up the perspective Mom instilled in me.

That is my personal goal – to keep moving and keep going. I love to write and share my Icelandic heritage in all that I do. I try to weave a little bit of  Icelandic flavor into each work I create. I look forward to sharing them with you!


Literary Awards For Excellence

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“Through Heidi Herman’s vibrant and engaging, and often humorous stories…, she encourages curiosity, connection, and a call to action… for those who are looking for an exciting next chapter, or even just a little more flavor, to their life!”

Laura Haw, University of Indianapolis

Adjunct Instructor in Aging Studies

“packed with methods for making the most of life… highly recommended reading for proactive, engaged readers who would grasp these lessons with both hands and apply them to expand their own worlds and opportunities.”

D. Donovan, Midwest Book Review

Senior Reviewer

“The adventures of many daring challengers, including the author’s mother and herself, are expertly documented… Herman’s inspiring work offers a fresh perspective on living well at any age.”

Donna Ford, US Review Of Books

Writer & Reviewer

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