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Speaking Programs

Choose One of Four Standard Programs or Create a Custom Topic 

Vitality of a Viking

Inspired by Ieda Jónasdóttir Herman
  • A  60-90 minute presentation of living life with the Vitality of a Viking, based on Scandinavian ideals and Íeda's own philosophy.  Program based on the books On With the Butter! by Heidi Herman and Never Too Late by Íeda Jónasdóttir Herman.

    Heidi outline the secrets of outlook  and action that can help attendees create happiness and vitality in life. Appropriate for all audiences, but is especially relevant to the 50+ crowd.


The session is perfect for community organizations, retirement communities, women's clubs or groups seeking motivational speakers.

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Legendary Iceland

Land of Fire & Ice, Legacy of Legend
  • Take a journey through Iceland, a land where legends come alive. This 60-minute presentation blends together my love of Iceland and its mythology with the amazing landscapes and fascinating history.  Developed in partnership with my Icelandic mother, Ieda Jónasdóttir Herman, I bring a fun and entertaining look at Iceland from someone who grew up there.

  • Together, we take a journey around Iceland through photos and videos of the landscape and learn about the folklore and mythology, the history, and the culture of today. Using historical elements like the archeologic dig of the original Viking settlement in Reykjavik, stories from the sagas, Ieda's own memories of growing up, the culture, and history are brought to life through the vibrant photographs and narration. Q&A is encouraged in this interactive program. 

  • Perfect as a special program to clubs and community organizations looking for a special event.

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Iceland Folk Tales

Trolls & Legends of Iceland  
  • This one-hour presentation provides an entertaining look at Icelandic folklore from trolls to wiggle-waggle monsters and many things in between.  The Hidden Folk, Monster Worm, Yule Lads, Gryla, and more! The mythology is a blend of Viking legends, stories from the Sagas, and folklore brought from other countries. 

  • How the Icelandic people have incorporated it into daily life is both fascinating and refreshing.  The warnings, lessons, and instruction presented in the stories reflect wisdom, tolerance, and common-sense approach to life.  I share stories and talk about the meanings -  suitable as an entertaining hour for children ages 6 and up. 

  • Great program for Schools!

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Icelandic Cooking Demonstration

  • The food and cultural history of Iceland is unique to Scandinavia and dates back to the time of the Vikings. I will prepare two dishes from my cookbook while sharing the history and trends of food in Iceland from settlement, to former days, to present.

  • Samples for taste testing included as part of the demonstration. I partnered with my mom, Ieda Jónasdóttir Herman, to develop this presentation from our co-authored cookbook.

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